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No matter your business, to prevent fines, maintain your reputation and keep your doors open, pest control is essential. We are your partners in this undertaking

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Pest Management Is Simply What We Do

As a component of our guarantee, we promise to only utilize the most effective materials and equipment. This means we may not be the most affordable service available but our quality leads the market.

As pests adapt to particular environments and treatments, we continue to strengthen our treatment solutions

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Quick successful management of pests in Lake Station

Searching for affordable and effective alternatives for pest extermination? We know the frustrations that come from pests and we know how properly performed pest management can increase your quality of life.

We provide a vast array of services custom developed to deal with any problems you might be having with bed bugs, fleas, ants, black widow spiders, earwigs, scorpions along with other insects, spiders and rodents.

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Bed Bug Pest Management

The very best defense against bed bugs is knowledge. Our team understands how annoying an infestation of any sort can be. We are here to protect you and your family members and provide you with peace of mind so that you can confidently go back to sleep.

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Hornet & Wasp Nest Removal

Bees, wasps, hornets ... they all fulfill a function in this world, yet there is nothing is more irritating than trying to enjoy your time outdoors and being attacked by these pests! Not to mention just how much damage can take place if they find their way inside the structure of your house or business.


Roach Pest control expert

They are dirty, unhealthy and you want them out. We know the frustrations that come from roaches and we know how the proper extermination of roaches will greatly improve your quality of life.

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Rodent Removal

Mice are curious, very social, nighttime nibblers who can quickly enter homes and businesses via dime-size openings. While they have their place in the nature, their destruction and health threats make them unsafe.

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Residential Pest Management

When bugs get in your house, you just need something done today. We customize our services to fit your individual requirements by sending skilled, knowledgeable technicians to your house. Your professional will return free of charge should you need service in between your regular appointments.

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Pest Control For Commercial Properties

You've worked hard to create a great organization and reputation. You should have a one-of-a-kind pest control program. We've got you covered. Use our industrial pest control services to protect your staff, your property, your clients, and your bottom line.


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When you need to get rid of insects, rodents, and more, turn to the most trusted pest management partners. It’s about sustainable, year-round pest-control solutions. It’s about environmentally-friendly and health-conscious methods as per NPMA standards. It’s about peace of mind: that’s our pledge from our family to yours.

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Pest problems are a part of life, so partnering with regional pest control specialists who can keep you safe throughout the year is important. We are dedicated to providing efficient, fast-acting, dependable services for pest control.

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My tech Jacob was a very good service tech to have out to my home. He handled the problems I had with hornets and spiders swiftly and efficiently and was extremely knowledgeable with our situation.
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Fast, efficient. Prior to arriving, the tech texted and asked if there were any specific problems. The tech put on a mask and followed social distancing.
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This morning I called and I spoke to Max. He was very helpful. He provided me all the info I was looking for and answered all of my questions.
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Pest Extermination Frequently Asked Questions

Inexperienced treatments of over the counter pest control products are generally ineffective and can likewise be harmful for family pets, children and adults if used improperly. A lot of bugs return unless you take measures to stop them. In just 1 month, new problems can form again.

A trusted pest control service provider with an ongoing treatment program is the most effective way to get rid of pests and prevent new infestations.

By the time you begin to look for pest control services, you've most likely done it yourself (some pests might be exterminated from over the counter treatments but are not as successful in offering continuing defense from re-infestation). And you might have discovered that a variety of bugs are unrelenting. Some home owners often do not have the time and knowledge to handle such pests.

Our pest control specialists are educated in the efficient use and handling of pest treatment solutions. Our technicians are trained and experienced so as to exterminate all kinds of pests and protect your home or establishment.

Our first concern is the well-being of our clients, in addition to being good stewards of the environment. This means that we make the effort to create a customized pest control solution and use key targeting, which allows us to use the least amount of pest control solution while providing exceptional end results. All products are EPA approved and all technicians are proficient in the safe handling and application of all substances.

With a big fleet of trucks, we are probably in your area or close by. Every one of our technicians are instantly available through mobile phone, which also provides us the ability to take action promptly to your needs.

With our efficient and fast one-call appointment scheduling, our friendly customer care agents are proud to save you time. Same day service is offered for the majority of cases.

In the majority of situations it will not be needed to leave your home, however we will ask you to leave the immediate space where your pest professional is working. Optimum care is employed in application and selection of pest extermination materials. If it ends up being required for you to be out of your home throughout a treatment, this will be planned beforehand for your convenience.

You will see a noticeable decrease in pest activity in just one to two days. Depending on the pest and the choice of products needed to provide the best long term outcomes, it is not uncommon to see a consistent decrease in as much as 14 days.

Please call our office to set up a free follow-up service if you experience pest activity after 7 days. On-going monitoring of pests is a component of our program, which is the best way to find future pest problems. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

When comparing pest control and pest management, there is a big difference. The only genuinely effective strategy to exterminate pests and prevent them from returning is a full service plan.