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Exterminate Hornets And Spare The Bees

Did you know that the most prevalent honey bee we know once originated from Europe? Most surprisingly, European honey bees are currently some of the most known insects and are becoming popular for all the good that they can do in our lives. In addition to honey creation, it is approximated that honey bees additionally provide virtually $20 billion annually from pollination of over 100 cultivated crops. Doesn’t that seem an adequate reason alone to save these little critters? Our pest control crew certainly thinks so!

The good news is, a number of you are actually aware and respect the preservation of the European honey bee population. For those of you that do not know, there are a few ways to stop the killing off of these vital insects. The most logical ways would include not trying to kill them or spray them with any sort of chemical materials. Additionally, eradicating hornets in your yard, by using such methods as our pest control service would use, can really help save the bees, too!

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You might be wondering exactly how that makes sense. Let our pest control expert explain.

The truth is that an individual hornet can actually kill approximately 40 European honey bees in just ONE minute! Think about just how much damage an entire group of hornets can accomplish. In case you need a visual, estimations suggest that a group of 30 hornets can wipe out an entire hive consisting of 30,000 bees in less than four hours. The hornets are ruthless when they strike the virtually defenseless honey bees as they swoop in and dismember their bodies. The hornets then fly back to their own nests with the bees’ thoraxes in tow to use as food for their larvae.

The only sure-fire way to ensure that your yard remains hornet-free is to have recurring pest control completed. Our pest control team would love to help you keep your yard safe and consequently enable honey bees to go on living.

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