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There Are Treatments For Bed Bugs

Do you fear that you are dealing with bed bugs or some kind of bug, but don’t have a clue what it is or where to start for a pest solution? Do you have bites, do you see human blood on your sheets or bed mattress? Bed bugs can often be difficult to see with the naked eye! Give our Hobart bed bug exterminator office a call and we can dispatch out a bed bug inspector who is professionally trained and will be able to assist you with bed bug treatment options.

How Our Bed Bug Pest Control Service Works

Easy As 1, 2, 3

# 1 - Free Estimate

The moment you have an inexplicable bite or believe you might have a bedbug, give us a ring. Our bed bug estimates are absolutely free. Our specialists can respond to any concerns you have about the service.

#2 - Plan

We’ll go over the available treatment possibilities, the advantages of each, the costs , and which one we recommend for your property. Once we come up with a remedy, you decide if you want to go ahead with the treatment.

#3 - Treatment

Once you approve, we’ll utilize the EPA approved bed bug treatment, whether it’s heat treatment, pet-safe chemicals, steam treatment, or cryonite (cold bed bug treatment) to exterminate all of the bed bugs on site.

Keep bed bugs out, for good, with the most effective bed bug treatment solution

We know how frightening a Bed Bug problem and even the idea of one can be. Our Service Specialists will be on site within twenty four hours and if we can’t make it out in 24 hours, you are guaranteed to have us there within 48 hours. At each locally owned location, Bug Pro has an Associate Qualified Entomologist on staff to accurately identify and efficiently treat these menacing insects to help you reclaim your home and your ability to sleep at night. Bed Bug Extermination is something we take very seriously.

How To Determine If You Have Bed Bugs

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  • Bite Marks
    You might not notice bites right away or might attribute them to mosquitoes at. They will usually appear in small groupings or a straight line in areas of the body that are exposed at night. Normally these little bites are the first sign that you have a problem.
  • Where They Take cover
    Bed bugs are more difficult to eliminate due to their ability to hide within textiles, mattresses, clothing and within walls. While they are most prevalent in bedrooms, their capacity to live for weeks to months after feeding allows them to move into adjacent rooms or apartments.
  • Don’t Panic …
    While bed bugs themselves are tough to see and identify, if you do see one it might not be a bed bug. Bed bugs look almost identical to the benign carpet beetle with tiny, flat oval bodies about the size of an apple seed. An expert will be able to distinguish the subtle differences and behaviors of the two.
  • Signs Left Behind
    Shells or skins the bed bug has shed can be left behind and are good (yet uncommon) indicators of a infestation. A much more prevalent sign are red or brown smears on the bedding/fabric from blood and fecal matter from the bugs themselves.

Take The Primary Step - Eliminate Bed Bugs For Good!

We've Created A Bed Bug Treatment Method That Works!

If a bed bug infestation is not treated immediately, it can get out of hand very quickly. Due to the elusive nature of these insects, bed bug extermination is best left up to the specialists. Bug Pro Pest Control employs totally safe extermination treatments– no need to leave your home while we perform our services. Our solutions are safe for use around kids and family pets.

Call us today for all your bed bug pest control needs.

Bed bug Questions That Are Typically Asked

Sadly, bed bugs can be tough to find. And even with the continuous bed bug epidemic, many people still do not know what a bed bug really looks like. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website has some pictures of bed bug in their different phases. Keep in mind that bed bugs are nocturnal. Discovering bed bugs throughout the day requires a little bit of excellent or bad luck (depending on your view) and some determination.

Bed bug bites are frequently mistaken for mosquito bites or bites from other bugs. Adding to the challenge some people show no reaction at all to bed bug bites. So it’s not surprising that they go undiscovered for extended periods.

If you know the correct spot to look, you might manage to see bed bugs. Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye– no equipment is needed. Inspect:

  • Headboards
  • Bedside tables
  • Loose wallpaper or paneling
  • Wherever you find a crease or gap near where an individual sleeps. This includes baseboards, mattress seams and personal belongings

Fully grown bed bugs are around the size of an apple seed (approximately five millimeters). They are reddish-brown, flat and wingless, although they swell up like a torpedo soon after a blood feeding. When that occurs, they transform to bright red in color, taking several days to return to reddish-brown.

Once bed bugs maturate they are much easier to see with the naked eye. The bed bugs in the youngest stage are extremely difficult to find. Eggs are even smaller sized and much more difficult to see however can provide another hint of bed bug presence. Eggs are pearly white, located in clusters and are about one millimeter long.

After the 1st professional treatment, bed bugs will be significantly decreased. It can take up to 2 to 3 appointments to totally get rid of bed bugs.

Typical DIY treatment remedies do not work and normally lead to a surge in bed bugs as they continue to survive their reproductive lifecycle.

Managing bed bugs can be a tough and time consuming process and there is no specific method to validate that each and every bed bug has really been exterminated. Bed bugs are excellent at hiding and are able to survive for months without feeding.

After our treatment program and our post-treatment assessments are completed and the occupants of the room are bite-free after 6-8 weeks, then you can be ensured that you are bed bug free.

Considering that this can be a challenging period, Bug Pro Pest Control helps you every step of the way. We provide follow-up treatments and assessments to make certain your bed bug issue does not return.

We also guarantee our service so you can be ensured you are getting the treatment you need!

Learning about the bed bug lifecycle:

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